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New Stuff in the Shop!

Hello friends! I met with my monthly critique group through Falls Church Arts yesterday and I am always so inspired to get to work after meeting with them. I asked for feedback related to how I should talk/write about my work because it is always a struggle for me. I showed one of the pieces from my Memory Tracings series in the figure skating book and talked about how I used to figure skate and what some of the marks felt like to me when I was making them (dots are sequins, toe pick marks in the ice, my heart beating fast before a performance, etc.) and now my plan is to do some writing to really pin down the right words for what I am doing. I most often just work by feeling, intuition but as I think about my work and talk with my fellow artists, I realize that I really do need to be able to describe where it comes from. And, not just ramble on like I'm doing here.

All this to say that I have put some new work in the shop. I'm going to continue to add things bit by bit as I get the pieces photographed. I would like to say that this will be done in a timely manner according to a schedule but I am not going to, because it is not likely true. This time of year is always chaotic and busy for me so I'm just going to do my best. I also had an issue with our blue postal box near our house, I put a bunch of stuff in there and it never arrived to its destinations. A super bummer because there was lots of work in there that I really loved. Not sure what happened but the person at the post office told me it is better to bring things directly into the physical office. So, please let me know if you did order something and it never arrived because I will replace it with my most sincere apologies.

That's all for now! xoxo, molly

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