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Molly McCracken’s work focuses primarily on collage, assemblage and acrylic painting in her Arlington, VA studio, though she has never been scared to try all the things. She works with ideas surrounding women, the environment, current events, as well as deep rooted, personal feelings and emotions. Her thoughts are expressed in an intuitive, childlike, often humorous way through process-oriented art. Molly’s inspiration springs from bold colors, interesting shapes, joy, frustration, beauty, anxiety and the wonder in everyday moments.


I work with mixed-media collage and assemblage in my small studio space. Collage lends itself to a small space and can easily be left and resumed around interruptions that inevitably come from having three children. I love the process of creation and am not afraid to try new mediums, which often make their way into my work. The feeling of using tactile items like scissors, paper and glue combined with the taking apart and reassembling of paper or other objects is soothing and meditative. The idea that I can remake something that has been cast off into a beautiful or meaningful new piece resonates deeply.


 The feelings and ideas that I am compelled to transform into work include my feminist and anti-racist values, which stem from my own lived experience as a woman and mother. I am working to unpack and make transparent my own thoughts about myself, my family and where we fit into the arc of history. My work showcases women’s strength but also our vulnerabilities and the pressure we feel in our various roles in society. Current events, particularly environmental issues and struggles with privilege, racism and colonialism are in the forefront of my mind. My intention is to bring these issues to light, in a way that is sensitive, visually appealing, potentially humorous, and always thought provoking. I encourage people to find a connection with my work, through a deeply felt emotion or simply an appreciation of color and shape.

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