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Longlisted and then Shortlisted!

I am just pleased as punch that my artwork has been shortlisted for the Women United Art Prize 2021. I mean, really thrilled! I was dancing around when the news came that I had been longlisted and then a few days later another email came in with the shortlist news - more dancing ensued. October 20 is the final announcement, wish me luck! Thank you to the curators: Tam Gryn, Sasha-Loriene, Gita Joshi, and Ekaterina Popova.

**But also, don't worry - I am just so happy, whatever the outcome. I've really gotten good at shrugging off the rejections, even though it stings a bit. I always go back to the fact that, in the end, I am making art for myself, art that I want to make and if someone else likes it, well, that is just icing on the cake!

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