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I am Officially Old.

I used to laugh at how old people had such a hard time with technology. Now I feel old trying to figure out how to make this website functional, beautiful and accessible on both computer and phone; connect to various social media (that I am only marginally proficient at using); sound clever and smart and also like myself; and make it all seem effortless. It is fun to have my own little corner of the internet though, where I can post whatever work I like even if it doesn't match or fit into a series or make any sense. Coming from a background not rooted in art school, it has taken me a while to feel comfortable with calling myself an artist. I have been working at it for years though, taking classes here and there, visiting/working at museums, talking with friends and other artists about their work/other artists' work, and leading process art classes, especially for kids. I'm pretty sure that is why I chose the domain name Artist Molly for my website, so that I couldn't wiggle out of calling myself an artist.

Snow White


Mixed Media Collage on Paper


Private Collection

This collage is from a series I did reinventing princesses and female protagonists from old fairy tales and movies.

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