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New Year, new work.

I'm starting the year in my sketchbook and thinking about how and what I want to make through spontaneous collage sketches. I like to use scrap pieces from my desk that have been cast off from other work. Somehow when faced with a bunch of new, uncut paper, I have a hard time finding inspiration but when there are bits and pieces in all different colors everywhere, the work just flows right out of me. However, it is a fine balance though between a pile of inspirational paper scraps and a mountain of paper where I can't find anything. Something to work on over the course of this year, I suppose.

Here are a couple of recent sketches. My favorite sketchbook size is 11"x14" and I like the Canson Mixed Media paper, for anyone interested in process. I've also gone back to PVA bookbinding glue for the most part, with the occasional use of Uhu glue stick and gel medium.

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