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Here we go...

Years ago, when my children were tiny, I had a blog. It was fun but after a while, it began to feel like a burden. I was constantly apologizing about not posting. I'm hoping that I can post here from time to time without the guilt or pressure I felt when the kiddos were little. If I have something to share - an exhibition, a new class, some other random art news - I'll write about it here. Until then, be well and stay safe. xoxo, m


Mixed media installation


This project involved collaging paper scraps from my desk on to 100 toilet paper tubes over the course of about 6 months during the beginning of the pandemic. I felt so fortunate that we didn't have to worry about many of the basic necessities that many didn't have access to and decided to channel my worry into making this piece - in addition to donating, buying from small/black/women owned businesses, and voting.

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