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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Every February collagists from around the world use prompts to create a series of works, one for every day of the month. This is my second year participating and I am enjoying it just as much as last year. I am using repurposed cardboard as my substrate. We have had groceries delivered since the beginning of the pandemic (a privilege I am well aware of) and I have been saving and creating art on them as a marker of time - similar to how I used toilet paper rolls right at the beginning of our time at home in my installation Flush. The cardboard size is 6.5"x11.5" and some of them are a little bashed up in the corners but I enjoy those little irregularities. It gives the work a little personality and doesn't feel so precious that I am afraid to play and experiment with different ideas. Here are a couple of the collages from Februllage that I am especially proud of so far:

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