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Exhibition: Spectrum at Stay Home Gallery

I am thrilled that my mixed media collage, Sunshine on the Outside has been included in the exhibition Spectrum at Stay Home Gallery and Artist Residency in Paris, TN. Curated by Kaylan Buetyn and Pam Marlene Taylor, this exhibition showcases monochromatic works grouped by color. For obvious reasons, my piece is in the yellow section of the show. You can see all the fantastic work by a range of artists in various media here.

When I made Sunshine on the Outside, it was a wonderfully sunny day and I felt cooped up after nearly a year of pandemic living at home and seeing almost nobody outside of my immediate family. (All of whom I love very much, don't read that the wrong way!) It seemed to me that everyone else was enjoying life, doing fun things out in the sunshine and we were continuing to be so careful and stay at home. Since February, spring has come, the kids have returned to hybrid school, and I have gotten two vaccinations. Things are looking more sunny every day, at least in terms of the pandemic here in our immediate community.

Here are the photographs from the exhibit that include my work:

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