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New Year, New Directions

Happy 2022 to all of you! I hope this year is bright and beautiful and absolutely filled with art. I wanted to let you all know that I have taken the shop down for a while. I had a great talk with Victoria J. Fry of the Visionary Art Collective and she suggested having a studio sale once or twice a year instead of having the shop open constantly. This resonated with me because my main focus is on making the art. If there is something you are interested in, reach out to me, my goal is really to have my work live where people love it.

I've also updated the site a bit. I'm going to try and put drop down menus that hold my most recent collections so you can visit things in a more organized manner, my mind is all over the place and doing a million things at once but just because that chaos works for me, doesn't mean that everyone wants to sort through every single one of my pieces! So let me know how you think this works, I've got my first collection of Emotion Maps here. I still have 19 more Emotion Maps to photograph but the past two days have been snow days. I'm really trying to just go with the flow. So check back because there will be more!

Another thing I am very excited about is my new 100 day project: Treasure Map Scroll. My friend, Karina Gaull, gave me two gorgeous long paper scrolls. Ive started at the top and plan to work my way down for 100 days. If that means I only make it through one scroll, great. If I make it through both scrolls, also great. I'm keeping a little journal with notes about my daily additions and my date stamp because I'm so terrible at dates/numbers/counting and don't want to lose track.

One last thing and I'll let you go - PNW Collage Collective put a post on their Instagram feed about artist trading cards. I've done it a few times and it is always fun. Ok, two last things - I also wanted to mention Arizona Collage Collective is doing a weekly Collage the Bard challenge (not sure that is the right word, maybe prompt is better...) and you can follow along to see what art prompts they offer up for this new year!

Ok, for real, that's it. xo, molly

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