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10 AWESOME Things!

I got a rejection this morning that stung a little bit so I decided to write a post about all the awesome things that have been happening instead of dwelling on the negative. And, there is a lot of really heavy stuff out there right now that I don't want to dismiss, but it won't be the focus of this post, even though I am holding it all close in my heart.

So, here is my list of 10 AWESOME things:

Awesome thing #1: I have my copy of Art Seen, Spring 2022 with a lovely feature of my Emotion Maps. Gita Joshi of the Curator's Salon included my work and I am just beyond thrilled. It is amazing to be able to share my hard work in print with art lovers all over. You can order a copy of your own here.

Awesome thing #2: Collage Lab's Spring Fling Virtual Retreat was really fun, and, in my opinion, a huge success. Many thanks to Kelly Schaub for putting it together and including my class on Memory Tracings. What fun to see other artists' interpretations of a Memory Tracing. You can still access the entire Spring Fling collection through December right here.

Awesome thing #3: I've been working with a local organization called Phoenix Bikes on an art project for their 15 year anniversary, which is this Thursday. The large scale piece is a timeline of Phoenix's history and made almost entirely from repurposed materials, keeping in line with their sustainability value. If you are in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia), be sure to check them out here.

Awesome thing #4: I finished my first and second Treasure Map Scrolls and have started on a third one. My first Treasure Map Scroll is currently on view at Falls Church Arts through the All Member Show. I am excited about working larger - this process of doing a little bit and rolling the scroll along has worked really well.

Awesome thing #5: I had a piece in the March show at The Art League Gallery located in the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. I also have a piece currently up in Screen Dreams (the April show)! (Does that count as two awesome things? Maybe. But I'll just leave them both here.)

Awesome thing #6: I had two works in Rock Spring UCC's recent show, For Such A Time as This. It was a lovely show curated by Donna Moss and Dorothy Earnest and I'm thankful to both of them for all their hard work.

Awesome thing #7: I've started my new, in person, Mixed Media Explorations class at Arlington Arts Center. Most of the classes I've taught have been with kids, including the smallest children exploring art for the first time, but this adult class has been wonderful and I'm looking forward to another great session with a bunch of amazing artists.

Awesome thing #8: I signed myself up for a painting class, also through Arlington Arts Center, to expand my abilities with paint and to be able to work amongst a group of artists. Olivia Tripp Morrow is the instructor and her work is amazing.

Awesome thing #9: I've been able to do a little bit of collecting, slowly adding to my personal collection. I tend to like work by women, collage artists, and colorful pieces. It is always amazing to live with work that the artist has poured so much of themselves into. Arlington Arts Center has been offering virtual talks with collectors, which have been inspiring from both the art-making and art-collecting perspectives.

Awesome thing #10: I'm in planning stages for additional big AWESOME things. More to come on this. ✂️

Shoutout to Austin Kleon for his email lists, I assume they were (unconsciously) the inspiration for this post, even though I didn't realize it until this moment.

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